What Do Darts Players Do Between Sets? 

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Do you want to know about darts players? How do they play? And what do darts players do between sets? Then you are in the right place. 

There are certain rules and regulations in the professional darts championship. You should know if you are planning to be a professional darts player or just to know about them. 

Let’s get right into the detailed information to know better. 

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Why Do Darts Players Walk Off After A Set? 

If you see a TV darts tournament such as the one on Sky Sports or ITV4, adverts need to pay to be shown. This becomes a chance for the players to build a new group during key points. It is true that it interrupts the natural flow of the contest. 

The one who leads probably sees the momentum stopped because of too many interruptions. This is why darts players walk off after a set to keep things right. 

Where Do Darts Players Go When They Walk Off Stage Between Sets? 

In these kinds of sports, adverts need to come out to pay the bills. During this time, the players get a break and they can regroup. For this break, there are a lot of interruptions going on. So, they take several 5-minute breaks so that they can take a little rest. They quickly go to the washroom, drink a lot of water, and take some rest to revive themselves. 

They even go backstage to get a bottle of Budweiser or a cigarette to comfort themselves. They also remain there to have some free practice. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What do darts players do when they go for a break? 

Most of the players go and drink alcohol, and smoke cigarettes before the game start. Also, they relax a bit during the intermission or break to keep them steady. 

Do darts players drink while playing? 

Darts is a sober and professional affair for the players these days. There is a record that some of the champions don’t drink much who did in the past. 

When did darts players stop drinking on stage? 

As darts are seen on TV, darts players stopped drinking on stage in 1989. From that time, the BDO banned alcohol on stage for all the matches from the 1989 World Championship. 

Why do darts players drink so much water? 

Darts players drink a lot of water during the intermission or the break. It is because the pressure is high and they need to perform well on TV. So, they drink a lot of water to keep them cool. 

How much do dart players get for Premier League? 

Players get from £825,000 to £855,000 as prize money for the recent 2021 tournament. The range is increased compared to the 2020 tournament. 

Do darts players get drug tested? 

Yes, darts players should get a drug test before starting the game. It is a part of the anti-doping regulations that are set by the World Darts Federation or WDF. 

Do darts players pay tax on winnings? 

No, professional players don’t pay tax on winning. This is an exceptional rule in this game. Also, professional players don’t pay tax on their winning as well. The reason is HMRC. It imposes on the gambling provider and the lump sum winnings may not be taxable. 

Does alcohol make you perform better? 

If you take alcohol, it may not put a negative impact on any athletic performance. But there is a chance to increase the risk of injury for sure. If you take it to a limit, there is no harm. But if the amount is getting higher, it becomes dangerous for you to perform. 

Wrap Up 

As you know all about the players and “what do darts players between sets?” you can get the information from it. Check out all the information and frequently asked questions to know more. 

Keep up with the knowledge and know better about darts and darts players. 

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