Why Do My Darts Go Right

(Solved) Why Do My Darts Go Right? 

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If you see your darts going right, the unusual activity may be the reason. If you don’t keep the darts in the correct position when throwing, they may go wrong. 

Darts should be thrown in a straight way. And to maintain things, we are going to give you some tips. Let’s get into the tricks and know why your darts are going right. 

Reason for Darts Going Right 

If your darts go down and right, the reason is your elbow is moving out and going away from your body.  The situation is also known as a chicken wing. I’ve discovered the situation is the most likely result of poor alignment between your board and your body. 

If the alignment is incorrect, the aim will also not be correct. That is the reason your darts go right. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Why are my darts going in at an angle? 

When you switch from a standard medium shaft to a shorter one, the dart will drop into the board at a greater angle. It’s also worth noting that shaft weight impacts this angle. The smaller the angle, the heavier the shaft or flight.

2. How do you keep darts from leaving the left?

To keep the darts going to the left, you should focus on aiming at darts. Also, keep maintaining a straight line while throwing. Make sure your posture is right and keep it centrally to the dartboard. However, you should ensure that your torso is not twisted. So, you need to keep the position of your elbow consistent. 

3. Why don’t my darts go straight? 

Due to a bad release or having the wrong dart components, darts may land sideways on the board. If you grip the darts too tightly or spin when releasing them, the dart will hit the board at a wrong angle. 

Wrap Up 

Now that you know why the darts go right, you should avoid the things that make this kind of situation. Check out the reasons we have shared with you and make sure you maintain them. 

Ensure these things and practice well. 

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