How to Sharpen Darts Without A Sharpener?

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Sharpening darts is easy if you have a sharpener. But if you don’t have one, there is an alternative to sharpen it easily. Check out the details about “How to sharpen darts without a sharpener?” to know more. 

The technique is to use sandpaper to sharpen darts. There is nothing that sandpaper can’t do. So, take sandpaper and sharpen the darts easily. 

Let’s see the details below. 

Sharpening Darts Guide Without A Sharpener 

Before starting the sharpening process, you need to know the condition of the darts. You also should know the suitable condition of the darts that they should be in. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the sharper the dart, the better. When you are going to sharpen darts, you should know that it’s far different from sharpening a knife. 

When a knife is being sharpened, the goal is to grind it to make it as sharp as possible. The edge should also be sharp enough. It should be like a “mirror edge.” But that is not the case when it’s about sharpening darts. Your goal should be to create a rounded point. 

The dart tips should be extremely sharp. That’s the main thing you need to focus on. Otherwise, they probably would not stick to the board. For that reason, you should know how you can sharpen darts without using any sharpener and how the condition of the darts should be. So, check out the details step-by-step below. 

Method of Sharpening Darts Without A Sharpener (Use Sandpaper) 

To know the right method of sharpening the dart tool, you should know the steps first. If you don’t want to use a sharpener, you can use sandpaper. Let’s see the methods below. 

Instead of using a sharpener, you can use sandpaper. There is nothing that sandpaper cannot fix. There are multiple types of sandpaper available such as grinding paper, coarse grit sandpaper, and fine-grit sandpaper. 

Fine grit is used to smoothen out the surface, coarse one is for some DIY projects, and grinding one is better to gently sharpen the darts. Choose the right one for your job. This is the first thing you need to do. 

To start with sanding the areas, you need to take a small piece of sandpaper and place it on your dart tip. Grip the sandpaper in the right way so that it covers the entire surface around the tip. Roll your dart counterclockwise then clockwise and keep doing the same thing for some time. 

Make sure you only rub the tip, not the entire area. Also, you need to maintain the roundness of the tip and sand accordingly. You shouldn’t make a pointy tip. According to all the things, you should continue standing in the same motion. 

Things You Should Be Careful about While Sharpening Darts 

There are some things that you should do to sharpen darts. If you maintain these things, the sharpening process will be easier to do. See what you should do. 

Keep It Clean And Dry 

While you are sanding, you should be careful about keeping it clean after that. It should be in a dry place. It is because if it gets wet, you cannot sand the darts properly. Also, make sure you wash the darts properly after the sanding process. Clean and dry darts can perform better and grips better when thrown. So, ensure that you keep that in mind. 

Avoid Sharpening The Tip 

Another thing you need to know about sharpening the darts is to avoid sharpening the tip. The tip should be rounded because pointy darts wouldn’t give better performance. Touch the tip and if you feel like a needle, it is too pointy. You need to make sure that the tip is rounded like a ball pen. So, try to make the texture like that. 

Store The Darts in the Proper Place 

After you are done with all the sharpening process, now you should store it safely. Make sure you store your darts in the right place. There are several ways to store your darts. The better way is to get a nylon storage case and store your darts in it. 

Wrap Up 

Now that you know the details about sharpening darts, you can do it anytime you need. Check out all the information about “How to sharpen darts without a sharpener?” and follow the method accordingly. 

Sharpen in the right way and enjoy. 

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