How to improve darts average

How to Improve Darts Average? Complete Guide

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If you want to improve your darts average, you need to follow some of the tips and tricks about “how to improve darts average?” 

To improve, you simply need to practice regularly. Also, you should maintain some of the facts that make the process easier. These are the things we are going to discuss with you. 

Let’s check out all of these things in detail. 

What Is Darts Average? 

A good darts average has some good features. Generally, a good dart average is a 3-dart average that is suitable for non-professional players. The dart average should be between 60-80. If it is a high-level darts average, it should be a minimum of 80 for a 3 dart average. 

In darts, the three-darts average in the average score is achieved by using three darts thrown. This is the most cited statistic that matches a rough estimate of the form of a player. 

What Can You Do to Improve Darts Average? 

There are several things you can do with the dart games to improve your dart average. This is not about increasing the triple count. We are going to show you 3 different types of games and the details to let you know the things you can do to improve. Let’s see the details about it. 

Game 1 

The game we are going to talk about is simple. It helps you to be consistent throughout the reduction of the errant darts. This is more like a warm-up of your practice. In this game, you need to reach the goal of between 10 and 15 scores of throwing at the 20s only. For beginners, try to make 5x scores of 60 or more in a row. 

You should know your skill level. And depending on that, you should practice. When you push past 15 consistently, you get to master your line and move into the more challenging game than this. 

Game 2 (Doubles) 

There are a lot of ideas we have to give you if you want to practice doubles. You need to trust the rules of this game to get the right way to practice doubles. Make sure you don’t add things that are anti-scientific and complicate the routine. Be sure that you throw at 32 to adjust the minor. 

Calculate well and adjust according to all these things. Besides, if you throw doubles, you should not move to put your body or change the throw completely. One thing you should be careful that is simplifying things as much as possible. As a result, you can focus on the critical points. 

When you are practicing doubles, you should find your body’s line and experiment with placing it in the right way to throw from the proper angle while working on the other favorable doubles. Make sure you listen to your body when you are practicing. You should be relaxed and have faith in yourself while playing the game. Make your posture better and feel strong. It helps a lot to improve your darts average. Also, adjust your line if you are struggling on a double. 

Game 3 

Game 3 is a bit tricky. It has several variations. This is mainly the combination of game 1 and game 2. Although it is tricky, it is simple as well. You just need to go around the board on doubles and hit each of the doubles once. Make sure you score 60 or more with your first two darts. 

Tips to Follow to Improve Darts Average 

If you want to improve your darts average, there are multiple steps you need to follow. Keep practicing your darts average by following the tricks and tips we are going to show you now. 

Practice Grouping Darts 

The first thing you should be careful about is to practice grouping darts. To register a good darts average, you should get a checkout in from 501. Having maximum scores on every throw is essential if you want to maintain a good dart average. 

The darts game is repetitive. You need to keep throwing darts at the same number that you are good at hitting. But this cannot make you a strong scorer. To have higher scores, you need to be able to group darts. If you can block the treble 20, you should get two accurate darts to follow up a cover shot. 

If you want to improve this, you should pick spots on the dartboard. Try to throw all the darts in the same way. Be consistent about throwing rather than just trying to maximize the numbers. 

Calculate The Darts Average  

If you want to calculate the darts average, it helps you to improve. Before doing anything, you need to know how you can calculate your current average. This is how much you improve. There are two dart averages. These are good to know about. One is an a1-dart average and the other is a 3-dart average. Both of these have similar standards. 

To start calculating, you can use a formula that we are mentioning below: 

1-dart average = 501 or the number of darts in a leg

To calculate a 3-dart average, you need to multiply the 1-dart average by 3. 

Example (using a 21 dart leg): 

1-dart average = 501/21 = 23.85

3-dart average = 23.85 x 3 = 71.57 

This is how you need to calculate your dart average to know your progress. 

Practice Doubles 

To score better, there is another way to practice. You should practice doubles as well. Get into a rhythm and you can collect a few steady 100+ scores with a 3-dart average. You can see a difference between a top-level dart player and a decent dart player. If you want to maintain a high darts average, you need to hit a double with a single throw. 

If you get a double-throw and make a mistake, it usually costs you a lot. If the finish is poor, it always causes the average to quickly drop it. This is how it differs between a pub player and someone who wants to become a professional darts player. 

Things You Should Do to Throw Better Darts 

There are some things that you should be careful about. You need to maintain these things if you want to improve throwing darts in a better way. Get the information that we are going to give you below.  

Hold Still 

The first mistake that most players make is to lose their bodies while throwing. If you want to improve, you should make some changes. You have to ensure that it doesn’t happen to you. Make sure your entire body is still during the throw. There should be no bouncing or swinging at all. As a result, you can throw it in a better way. Take good control over your body and focus while throwing darts. 

Perfect Your Stance 

You should be careful of your stance. The science behind throwing darts is what you should know first. When you are going to release the dart, your body should remain still. The parts like the arm, forearm, and wrist should move to throw well. You need to know the accurate motion of throwing darts. And that is what you should maintain. 

Play Against Better Players 

If you play with better players, it helps you a lot to improve. You should play with the players that can beat you. In this way, you can lose, learn and get better. So, make sure you do that. 

Perfect The Flow-Through  

If you want to know about optimal darts, it has three different stages such as A, B, and C. At position A, the dart should be positioned upwards. The point should be slightly tilted. On the other hand, position B should be the drawback phase to swinging the forearm to throw. Position C refers to the extension part of the arm to release the dart. You should know all these things to perfect your flow. 

Practice with A Purpose 

No matter how you practice and what things are going on in your mind, you should ensure that you are practicing with a purpose. Otherwise, you cannot get a better version of yourself. Keep practicing is the only thing you need to do to improve. But all the things will be useless if you don’t have a purpose behind them. This must be with the purpose to improve your game. 

Try Out An Online Dart Scorer App 

There are multiple dart scorer apps included. You can get one of them to try out to see the authentic results. This is how you can see how much you improve. There are also track processes included that work effectively. If you have an online dart scorer app to keep you updated. This digital score tracker can give you a whole scenario of your growth. 

Maintain Consistency 

No matter what you do, you must be consistent. There are lots of techniques you can follow to improve your throwing game. But you must be consistent. Practicing throwing darts regularly is the most important thing you need to do. So, maintaining consistency because it’s the most important thing of all. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How do you increase your darts average? 

When you are focusing on a darts average, you should focus on improving your game. To do that, try to score more by grouping your darts. Also, you should reduce the number of throws that need to hit a double and checkout. 

How can I improve my darts accuracy? 

If you want to improve your darts accuracy, first you should stand facing the dartboard. Make your body still and focus on the target. After that change the position of your posture with your foot and shoulder facing the board. This is how you should practice. 

How many hours a day should I practice darts? 

You should invest around 3.5 hours of your daily life to practice darts. It should be a maximum of four full sessions. This is enough for regular practice. However, if you are doing bigger practice, you should practice 5-6 hours per day. 

Are heavier or lighter darts better? 

If you want suggestions, we recommend you get a lighter dart. The reason is lighter darts perform better when you throw them. This is more like a beginner-friendly dart. But you need to throw it with much force. If you want to be relaxed, then a heavier one is better. 

Wrap Up 

Now that you know the details about “how to improve darts average”, you can practice by maintaining all these things. Make sure you are consistent while practicing. This helps you to improve better and faster. 

Follow all the tricks that we describe and improve your game. 

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