How to win darts with 1 point left

(Get tips) How to Win Darts with 1 Point Left? 

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Playing darts is fun and easy. If you want to master the game, then we can get you covered. If you face problems with the game and you cannot win because of just a point, then you need to know a lot about the game. 

Here, we are going to talk about how to win darts with 1 point left so that you can get the necessary information you need to win the game. 

Let’s get right into the details for more. 

What Happens If You Have 1 in Darts? 

When there is 1 left in darts to win, the player bust. The reason is the player needs double 1 to win. But if he hits a single 1 then the player busts. As a result, their score returns to whatever it was before. For example, if you start the visit on 122 and then hit treble 20, you will leave 2 with one dart remaining. In this situation, if you hit single 1, you will return to 122. 

Also, if the player reduces the score to 1 and gets zero, the score is a bust. So, it ends instantly and the score will return to what it was before at the starting visit. If the player has 32 to go out and the first dart is 16 and the second one is 15, the score busts and it will return to 32. This is the rule of this game. 

That means if the player is on double and hits single, then his score is decreased by 1 and they can start their next visit on that previous number. Such as if you have 36 left and one dart remaining, you need to hut double 18. But if you hit a single 18 then the score is reduced by one and you need to start the next visit on 35. Mainly, you cannot take any odd number with one dart. It should be even up to win. 

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What to Do When There’s Only 1 Point Left to Win Darts? 

When you have 1 point left and you need to win with this, you should go with some strategies. To win the game, you have to reach zero before your opposition player. The score must be zero and to reduce it, you have to hit double. 

Getting on 1 is similar to getting below zero or zero without a double. In this case, it will be a bust. That means the darts you have thrown earlier don’t count in this round. You will stay on the previous points you had before. For example, if you have 20 left to win and if you score 18 with the first and second dart, you cannot use your third dart. It becomes useless. 

So, you will get back to the previous score of 20 for your next turn. The only way is to hit double 1 to avoid a bust. And that’s how you can win. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What happens if you get to 1 in 301? 

If you hit your first dart in the outer ring on section ‘1’, you will get 2 points. If the second dart landed on ‘1’, you will get 3 points. And if you get on 1, you will get a bust. 

2. How do you win at end of darts? 

To win the dart game, you have to reach zero before your opposition player does. The dart should reduce the score to zero. And for that, you must throw a double. 

Wrap Up 

Now that you know how to win darts with 1 point left, you can apply the knowledge and master the darts game. This is easy if you practice. Always remember, practice is key. 

Check the details that we have shared with you and apply them while playing darts. We hope that you will surely succeed. 

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