electric dart board not working?

Electronic Dart Board Not Working- What Should You Do Then?

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Do you want to know why the electronic dartboard not working? If yes, check out the details that we are going to show here. 

The electronic dartboard is a good device. But you should know what the symptoms are and how you can fix this. See the details here and get the solution. 

Let’s get right into the details first. 

What Are The Common Errors of An Electronic Dart Board? 

There can be a lot of trouble you can face if the electronic dartboard is not working. Let’s see what the reasons are and what type of issues you can face. 

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Section Stuck Errors 

One of the common issues of an electronic dart is the jamming you the face of a particular section on the dartboard. No matter if it is a single, double, or treble one, you may experience this problem. This gives you an error with the stuck number on the screen of the board. 

Memory Errors 

When memory errors occur, the screen of the dartboard starts freezing up. As a result, a lot of error messages start to appear on the screen. 

Power Supply Issues 

Another problem you probably find is power supply issues. It can shut down the dartboard after a few minutes of play. It freezes up and sometimes you see a blank screen. 

Scoring Problems 

You can also face scoring problems. This is a huge problem that a lot of dartboards have. In this case, the dartboard stops working. Also, the dartboard cannot register its dart hits if it is not working well. 

What Should You Do When An Electronic Dart Board Is Not Working? 

If you face these types of problems, you should immediately solve them. Troubleshooting is a wonderful solution for that. You should know how you can troubleshoot your electronic dartboard in the right way. See the details below. 

Troubleshoot Your Electronic Dart Board 

To troubleshoot your electronic dartboard, you should follow some simple steps. There are a lot of ways to troubleshoot your electronic dartboard. But we will show you the easiest one. To do that, first examine the darts. Take a look at the sharpness of the tip and the high-quality finish around the flight. If you see the flights around the finish are not working well, you should replace them as soon as possible. 

You should make sure that you hang the electronic dartboard on a level on the wall. To make sure, you can use a level tool to adjust it properly. Also, ensure that the dartboard is hanging against the wall. The dartboard should be touching the wall. If you see any gap, you should remove the board and drill the screw into the wall to again hang the dartboard in the right way. 

After that, reset the dartboard by clicking the small reset button that you can get around the front or backside in the case. Use a pen tip or pencil to hold the reset button and return the device to its original settings. That’s enough to troubleshoot your electronic dartboard.

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Wrap Up 

As you know what will happen if the electronic dartboard is not working, you should be careful about the symptoms and fix the problem. 

Check out everything about “electronic dart board not working” and know how you can fix things properly. 

This is how you can fix the issues and use the electronic dartboard easily. 

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