Darts Drinking Game Rules – All You Need To Know 

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Dart drinking games are all about fun and enjoyment. When you are with your friends or a group of nice people, you can play these kinds of games with them. Know all about dart drinking game rules and then try to play these out. 

Dart drinking games are nice to play with your loved ones. Check out the rules of different types of dart drinking games and play what you like the most. 

Let’s check out the details about these games first! 

What Are Darts Drinking Games And The Rules? 

Darts games are drinking games where metal darts and aluminum beer cans are available. All you need is some friends or players, some beer, and a dartboard. When you arrange everything, now it’s the time to play this game. 

Many variants of this game exist. But the basic rule is that the players sit opposite one another. Everyone should have a beer can with them at their feet. They throw a dart at the can of their opponent. If the dart touches or punctures the can, that means a lot of different actions would be played according to the rules. 

The best is to play it with two players. The rules are simple. You just need to throw a dart at a player’s can but if it doesn’t puncture it, the player has to take a sip of beer from their drink. But if it punctures the can of a player, that player must drink a sip. 

Besides, if the player hits the can twice in a row of any particular player, they get another free turn. The one who first finishes can lose and the opponent will be the winner. 

How to Play Darts Drinking Games? 

There are several variants of this dart drinking game. If you want to know all of them, we are trying to give you the details about them. Then you can choose what type is the most enjoyable one. Let’s check out the games and the rules to choose your preferred one. 

Darts Drinking Game 1 

To play this game, you will need 2-4 players. You can make one team with 2 players and two teams if you have 4 players. 

Things You Need 

If you want to play this game, all you need to have: 

  • Six darts 
  • A dartboard 
  • Shot glasses 
  • A spirit of your choice 

How to Play 

To start playing the game, you need to focus on the rules properly. Let’s see what the rules are. 

Rule 1 

If the player throws a dart and it gets closest to the bullseye, that player wins the first round. As a result, the opponent or the loser must drink a shot. 

Rule 2 

If the player wins the first round, he will get a chance to throw three darts. They can throw single, double, or treble numbers of the dart between 15-and 20 on the board. If they fail to hit any of the darts, they have to take a drink. 

Rule 3 

If any player hits three sections of each of the numbers, it will close out and the number won’t be existing in the game anymore. 

Rule 4 

When you close out a number, the player who does the additional hit must take a drink. 

The game ends when the bullseye and the numbers from 15-30 are “closed out.” The losing team has to take a sip from their drink. 

Darts Drinking Game 2 

This is another dart drinking game and the rules are different as well. You can have as many players as you want and enjoy the game with them. You need at least four players to play this dart-drinking game. Let’s see what the rules are. 

Each player will then take turns throwing one dart. When a dart lands on a number on the board that represents a shot, take a drink.

How to Play

First, you should get some shot glasses and place them under the dartboard. Each glass should represent a player or a team and the random number that appears on the board. 

Every player has to take turns throwing one dart. When a dart hits a particular number on the board that represents a shot, they must take a drink. The game ends when they rub out their drink and no one can see the board. 

Darts Drinking Game 3 

Another enjoyable dart drinking game is there that is fun. The name of this dart game is Beer Darts. As the name suggests, you need to take some beer bottles and some glasses. You need to have some beer cans along with some steel tip darts

There are several variations of this game. We are giving you the details about one variation. The basic rule is to throw a dart on your opponent’s beer can. Check out the rules in detail. 

How to Play 

First, the players need to sit in a circle. They should take a beer can in front of them. They should know the rules properly so that they can follow them well. The players must follow the rules while playing this game. A minimum of two players are needed. 

When a player hits another player’s can with a dart but it doesn’t puncture the can, then the owner of that can has to take a sip from the beer can. Besides, if the dart of the opponent player punctures the can, the player must drink the entire can. Also, if the can of one player falls over but doesn’t get punctured, the player needs to take a sip of beer. 

Wrap Up 

As you see the different kinds of games and the rules of it, you should choose any of the dart games and enjoy your best times with your friends. 

Check out all the dart drinking game rules and let your friends know about it. Play together and enjoy every moment with your loved ones and make a lot of memories out of it. 

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