Dartsboard firebase z not working

Dartboard Firebase Z Not Working? Get Solution

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Do you know what to do if your dartboard Firebase Z not working? Well, first you need to find out the reason why you face the problem. There can be various issues. And according to that, you need to find out the solution.

To get the solution, you need to follow the instructions that we are going to show you. Check out the details below.

What to Do to Make Firebase Z Work?

There can be certain problems you may face with Firebase Z. If you see that Firebase Z is not downloading or it keeps saying that it’s partially installed, you can solve this problem. When there is a problem, there is a solution. If the game keeps saying that it is partially installed even though you have installed it completely, there may be a glitch.

At this point, you must solve this. First, you should check what platform you are using. If you are using PS, you need to go to the system main menu and hit the start button on the game. After that, go down to info and it shows you the list of the downloaded files. This is how you can see what is downloaded and what is not. You can try this hack to know the facts.

Besides, if you cannot download Firebase Z, what you can do is delete the app completely. After that, reinstall the app. Make sure you don’t open it until it’s 100% installed. Once the download is fully complete, download the 1,2,3, and 4 packs. Now, you just need to open the game and wait for 2-3 minutes for the login. This is enough to make it work.

How to Use Firebase Z?

To make Firebase Z work, you can take some steps to solve the issue. Let’s get right into the steps to know the details about Firebase Z and how to solve it.

Step 1: Go Through The Firebase Z Teleporter

When the mission is started, you should take the zombies out and gather many points to go across the street and to the teleporter. After that, check out all the areas of the village by using the map. Familiarize yourself with the areas and come back here several times.

When you get enough points, you need to open the doors with the Quick Revive perk machine. After that, head upstairs to make your way through the teleporter. When you are done doing it, you will be teleported to the main area of Firebase Z.

Step 2: Turn on The Power

The next step will be turning on the power. To do that, check out the three indicators on the HUD and turn the power on to activate the three reactors. Spend 500 points to activate each of the closest ones. Then defend this from the horde of zombies. Make sure that you have got enough equipment before you activate the reactor so that you don’t run out of it. Make sure meters charge up before it gets highly damaged.

Step 3: Grab The Blueprint from The Firebase Z Weapon Lab

After that, go to the weapon lab and find the past section with the AUG on the wall. Then go the way to the end to find the weapon lab to see the blueprint on the wall. Now, go to the next segment.

Step 4: Collect The Tank Corpse Eye

When you collect the blueprint, go to the opposite side of the map and make your way to the end of the part. Then you will see a tank with a corpse leaning against it. Interact with the corpse and scan the eye in the weapon lab so that you can get the key to the locker.

Step 5: Open The Lockers And Charge the Firebase Z Wonder Weapon Power Cell

There are three lockers you can see. You need to open the lockers and get the code for the cold war zombies dartboard. When it drops the power cell, you can take it back to the lab and place it on the computer to charge it.

Wrap Up

If your dartboard Firebase Z not working, this is how you need to make things work. You should be careful when you solve the problem. Go to the settings and make the things work properly.

Check out the details and solve the issue if your dartboard Firebase Z is not working.

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